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It’s time to take advantage of automated timekeeping

Timekeeping tends to be a big hassle for today’s small business owners. Seemingly small errors can accumulate into a significant loss in just a few months. Though manual timekeeping may seem simple and cost-effective at first, it’s most likely hurting your bottom line.  Luckily, all Focus HR clients can gain access to our online automated […]

Meet Beverly: Payroll Lead and Client Liaison

We’d like to take a little time each month to introduce you to one of our amazing team members here at Focus HR. This month, we’re featuring Beverly, our Payroll Lead and Client Liaison. Beverly just recently moved to Arizona in 2021 with her husband, from Shreveport, Louisiana, where she was born and raised… and […]

What business owners need to know about I-9 Compliance

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) requires employers to complete and retain a Form I-9 for every employee hired after November 6, 1986. As an employer, it is imperative to ensure that you remain compliant with the IRCA. Non-compliance can result in significant fines, penalties, and potential jail time. I-9 forms provide […]

Should you hire a full-time HR manager or outsource your HR functions?

As your business grows, you may wonder if it is necessary to hire an in-house Human Resources manager. While HR professionals can be a key resource for helping your business attract, develop and retain better employees, the investment to do so may not be needed until your business surpasses 150-200 employees. HR professionals are typically […]

Your Top Small Business COVID-19 Questions Answered

The COVID-19 outbreak has turned the world on its head for small business owners. Since 2020, ever-changing regulations have made it challenging to keep “business as usual.” You may have had an employee come to you complaining about headaches, a chest cough, sneezing, a runny nose, or body aches. They may be running a fever. […]

What would you do if ICE knocked on your company’s door?

A visit from ICE is stressful for most businesses. Even if your business is fully compliant with immigration requirements and knows the ins and outs when it comes to completing I-9 forms, it’s still a daunting event. Employers need to know where their I-9 forms are maintained and periodically audit their I-9 forms for compliance. […]

When your right-hand employee embezzles $1000s from your business…

You never expect the worst from an employee you trust, but that’s what happened to one Focus HR client.  Over the weekend, our client discovered their right-hand person and trusted confidant embezzled thousands of dollars from the business. The emotions of fractured trust and betrayal were hard enough, but knowing how to handle the situation […]

2022 Payroll Updates You Should Know

Focus is your HR partner, here to help you navigate the confusing landscape of payroll and employee administration. There are some important changes coming up in 2022 that could affect your business. Below is a list of the top changes that you should be aware of. Rest assured we are handling everything on our end […]

2022 Minimum Wage and Salary Threshold Changes by State and Locality

25 states are raising their minimum wage in 2022. Additionally, 5 states are increasing the minimum salary requirement for overtime exemption on January 1, 2022. To ensure your organization is aware of the latest minimum wage requirements, please check out our breakdown by state and locality.  MINIMUM WAGE UPDATES State 2021 Minimum Wage 2022 Minimum […]

Unlock Growth

Happy Employees Are Good For Business Sign up for a free consultation with Clint, our business development manager, to review your HR approach and help you unlock growth for your business. When a growing creative agency was drowning in administrative tasks, they called in Focus HR to bring them back from the BRINK. BRINK, a Tucson-based […]

Time to Grow: How to Free Up Your Time and Grow Your Business

What would you do with 200 hours of free time? In that same span of time, Jack Kerouac and Charles Dickens wrote On the Road and A Christmas Carol, respectively, while Picasso painted Guernica in under three weeks. This is what time can buy you. Sure, you might not write your Great American novel or […]

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