Time and Attendance Management System

We provide custom solutions to keep your employees & business on track, that will suit your needs for today and support your growth for tomorrow.

User-friendly with seamless integration

Time and Attendance Management System

Focus HR can help you track your employees’ time and attendance via our integrated Time & Attendance module that seamlessly links with our cloud-based HR/Payroll platform.

We build a customized approach, based on your specific workforce needs and provide your team with the right training and resources needed to ensure a smooth transition for your employees.

Our system is user-friendly and our Client Support team is always a local phone call away, should any troubleshooting or custom changes be required.

Time and Attendance Solutions:

Automatically track time for onsite and remote employees.
Time punch collection alternatives including online, mobile app or physical time clock with biometric or swipe card tracking.
Automated PTO requests and approvals.
Geofencing and GPS locating to ensure accurate time punches
Assign hours to specific projects, clients, locations or tasks for job costing.
Accurate timecard data sent directly to payroll for processing, saving time and manual errors.
Automatic calculation of shift differentials and overtime

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