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The Ultimate Small Business Guide to 401(k) Retirement Plans  

In order for small business owners to more effectively compete for great talent in this challenging labor market, offering an attractive benefits package is essential! One such benefit is a 401(k) plan. Retirement plans, like a 401(k), in addition to other employee benefits, not only attract better talent, but create more “stickiness” to keep existing […]

The Hidden Costs of Combining Accounting & HR Functions

A very common practice among small business owners is to combine several responsibilities or functions into a single role. We see this most frequently in administrative roles. For example, an Office Manager may be assigned duties that combine that of a Receptionist, Bookkeeper, HR Generalist and Customer Service Specialist. It’s understandable why employers might create […]

Don’t be the next headline… understand FLSA compliance

All too frequently employers make news headlines for violating wage and labor laws. A recent example was Rocket Mortgage which made headlines for allegedly failing to pay their employees overtime wages.   Since 1938, American workers have been protected by what is commonly known as the “mother of all employment laws,” the Federal Labor Standards Act […]

The Best Advantages of PEOs for Small Business Owners

Have you decided to keep your HR responsibilities in-house?  If so, you might run the risk of overextending your employees or adding unnecessary overhead costs for internal HR staffing.. Managing the many administrative complexities and changing regulatory environment that comes with “all things HR” often increases your risk and detracts focus away from revenue-generating functions […]

How Labor Costs Can Toss Your Business into a Black Hole

I recently read “Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential” by Greg Crabtree, where he offers useful business insights that can help increase your profitability. I wanted to share some of these insights with you.  Crabtree devotes an entire chapter to the subject of labor productivity, which is a […]

Case Study – Doulos Concrete

Background Doulos Concrete was founded by David and Gwen Howell. Since they started the company in 2015, the duo and their staff have completed hundreds of commercial and residential projects. The dynamic, rapidly growing company tackles everything from simple sidewalk installations to box culverts and multi-cell scuppers. Since its inception, Doulos Concrete has served commercial business […]

The Business of Human Resources for Small Business

Our own Clint Parry recently discussed “The Business of HR” on the Tucson Metro Chamber’s ‘The Business of…’ podcast. Have a listen if you are interested in understanding if outsourcing human resources makes sense for your small business. Have a listen and let us know your thoughts 👇

Get your HR house in order and become a talent magnet

In this Arizona Small Business Development Center Network webinar, our Business Development Manager, Clint Parry, explains why small businesses are often disorganized, fragmented and reactive when it comes to HR. Clint discusses why this is and the negative impacts it can have on a small business. He also offers some actionable tips for small businesses to […]

Clint Parry at the Life and Business Summit speaking about HR Compliance

Focus HR’s Business Development Manager, Clint Parry, recently spoke at the Life and Business Summit on The Benefits and Rewards of Solid HR Compliance. Be sure to watch if you want to learn: ✓ How to attract good talent✓  How to keep good talent✓  Risks of being an employer✓  Costs of effective HR compliance✓  Costs of neglecting HR compliance✓  How […]

401K Changes with Recently Passed Secure 2.0 Act

In late 2022, President Biden signed a $1.7 trillion bill introducing vital retirement savings legislation. Known as the SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022, the legislation brings major changes to existing retirement account rules. Here’s how the recent changes impact 401(k) retirement plans and what that means for you and your employees. RMD Changes Historically, required minimum distributions (RMDs) […]

Your Ultimate 2022 Year-End Payroll, Tax, & HR Checklist

Like most businesses, your company is probably focused on closing out 2022 strong. Whether this means running some last-minute promotions or launching a marketing campaign, you have a ton on your plate.  While it would be nice to devote all of your energy toward meeting your revenue goals, you also have to deal with an […]

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