Custom Back Office Solutions – Case Study


Custom BackOffice Solutions (CBO) is a Tucson-based third-party logistics provider of public and contract warehousing, order fulfillment, distribution, pick & pack, transportation, cross-docking, container de-stuffing, examination, assembly, packaging and value-added logistical requirements. For more than two decades, CBO has helped clients create a customized menu of services to meet their needs and manage their inventory.  Jean Reehl, CEO of CBO, has worked hard to build a culture where employees and clients alike feel a strong sense of family and togetherness, working collaboratively to solve their most pressing fulfillment needs.  

The Challenge

As the business continued to expand, the demand for more employees grew, as did the administrative burden and costs of having many employees. Jean initially worked with a national payroll provider but found over time that she was spending more and more time on hold trying to resolve issues related to the provider’s poor level of service. Given the growth of CBO, it wasn’t sustainable for Jean to waste precious time and money dealing with this added hassle.

The Solution

Focus HR approached Jean with a better solution – one that would consolidate and simplify the fragmented feel of her current approach to handling administrative HR, while giving her a local team of HR experts, based right here in the Old Pueblo. Focus HR solved her ongoing issues with Payroll, Employee Benefits Administration, and Workers’ Compensation while giving her a more robust HR system and a local team of advisors to help address any new issues.

The Result

Since partnering with Focus HR, Custom Back Office Solutions has more than doubled in revenues and employees. Focus HR has freed up Jean’s time to focus on more important things like attracting top talent and developing her current employees. Jean feels a greater sense of control and peace of mind, knowing she has a solid local provider to handle the HR challenges of her rapidly growing company. Jean says:

“I am so thankful for Focus HR and would definitely recommend them to any business owner who is looking for a solution to be able to have more time to concentrate their efforts on running and growing their business.  Having Focus HR handle all their HR needs will certainly help them to do this.”

Jean Reehl, CEO of CBO
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