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5 Ted Talks Every Small Business Owner Should Watch

1. Performance Management: The Puzzle of Motivation – Dan Pink

Have you ever had trouble figuring out the best way to motivate your employees? Well in this very enjoyable and witty Ted Talk, Dan Pink explores employee motivation. In doing so, he makes the bold statement that financial incentives such as (cash, bonuses, gift cards) actually have a negative impact on employee performance, especially when it comes to creative tasks. Likewise, if/then rewards also hinder productivity. So what does work? The answer is in the employee’s own intrinsic drive, their drive to do things because they matter. How do you ignite that intrinsic drive? Well, you’ll just have to listen to find out:

2. The Power of Introverts – Susan Cain

Most of our schools and workplaces are designed for extroverts, but a third to a half of the population are introverts. Introverts can be extremely creative and transformative leaders, but they often get overlooked because they do not speak up. In one study, introverted leaders produced better outcomes because they allowed their subordinates to be proactive and run with their own ideas, whereas extroverted leaders tended to put their own stamp on things. So how do we find this productive and creative balance between our introverted employees and our extroverted employees? Give the video a listen:

3. Success is a Continuous Journey – Richard St. John

Success is not a one-way street, it’s a continuous journey. In this video, Richard St. John tells the story of his success and how he lost it and how important it is to keep your eye on the ball and do what you love.

4. How Great Leaders Inspire Action – Simon Sinek

Why do some leaders inspire and others don’t? It’s the leaders that start with WHY that have the ability to inspire. If you don’t know why you do what you do, how will you get others to buy into it? We follow those who lead not because we want to, but because we have to. Because we buy in to the why and we want it for ourselves. Think about why you run your business and how you can inspire your employees to do the same.

5.Got a Meeting? Take a Walk – Nilofer Merchant

Did you know people are sitting more every day than they are sleeping? The health hazards of sitting are real, and sitting as quickly become the smokiing of our generation. Listen to Nilofer Merchant as a way you can improve your business productivity and also improve your health through “walk and talk”.

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