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Finding Quality Employees

We all know turnover is expensive, but you never quite realize just how expensive it really is. The infographic below from mindflash.com helps paint the picture, pointing out that a bad hire can cost a company well over $25,000 in addition to lost productivity and a decrease in employee morale.

Bad hires often happen because employers do not properly screen applicants in the pre-hire process. It’s understandable how this can occur, as small businesses are often limited in time and resources. Luckily, when you partner with an HR Firm, like Focus HR, they will take all the headaches out of the hiring process. Recruiting services offered by Focus HR include:

  • Job Descriptions: The key to finding a quality applicant, is writing a thorough job description that clearly states the desired and necessary criteria. Focus HR will discuss your company’s needs and develop a job description for you.
  • Job Postings: Job postings are expensive. Free options like craigslist.org often generate a lot of scam and legitimate job posting sites like indeed.com and jobing.com can run you upwards of $300 to place one ad.  Luckily, Focus HR will post your job ad at our discounted wholesale price.
  • Sort Through Resumes: Sorting through hundreds of resumes is time consuming. Focus HR will sort through them and select the top three qualified candidates.
  • Pre-Screen Job Candidates: Once Focus HR finds the top three candidates, we will bring them in for an interview and pre-screen them before sending them your way.
  • Check References: Focus HR will also request and contact references for all job candidates before sending them to you to interview.
  • Background Checks: Focus HR can also run background checks for your applicants (criminal, driving, credit, social media, etc.). We can also offer this at our discounted wholesale price.
  • New Hire Paperwork: Focus HR provides custom new hire paperwork and benefit packages for each client, so all the proper information is collected and employees can be e-Verified in a timely manner, keeping out client compliant.

Best of all? Our recruiting services are FREE* for our payroll clients. All you have to do is make your new employee feel welcome.

bad hire inforgraphic

* We do treat any charges for job postings and background checks as a pass-through cost to our clients.

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