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The Impact of Shopping Local

At Focus HR, we are strong believers in the power of shopping local… at work! Many of us know the importance of shopping locally and supporting local restaurants, shops, and markets. But what about shopping locally at work?

Spending local in the workplace is just as important. So next time you order office supplies or have more business cards printed, you should consider working with a local business and here is why:

  • Did you know that for every $100 spent at a local Tucson business, $73 stays in the local economy. Likewise, for every $100 sent at a non-locally owned business, only $43 remains local.
  • If every family in the U.S. spent just $10 more per month locally instead of at a big box chain, then over $9.3 billion would be returned directly to our economy.
  • Big Box chains are more harmful to the environment. They generate a lot of waste, carbon emissions, and chemicals as a result of their manufacturing, shipping, and packaging.

When we choose to work with local business and spend locally, we are boosting our economy, creating local jobs, and supporting our community.

Focus HR is a locally owned business and so are our clients. So we chose to “Go Local” at work every day. We buy our office supplies from Canyon Office Products, we get our materials printed with great local companies like Printex and Cirrus Visual, and outsource our web design to Nuanced Media. Beyond that, we bank locally. We hold our events at local venues. And because of this, we believe we are making Tucson a better place and receiving much better customer service then we would from a non-local provider.

For a great directory of LOCAL Tucson businesses, click here.


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