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Recommended Reading: 5 Realities of the Future Workplace

The certified experts at Focus HR, Inc. are always on the lookout for good information, and we highly recommend Jenn Betts’ online write up: 5 Realities of the Future Workplace.

The business climate is constantly changing and situations are often fluid, so you should keep the following predictions top-of-mind.

  • It’s not just AI. Robotics is already replacing people in some industries and now, biometrics (i.e. facial recognition, fingerprints, and employee voice ID recognition) is taking stronger hold. Some companies are also incorporating wearable technology (e.g. smartwatches, smart glasses, etc.) and virtual reality tools to help boost their employee training and collaboration programs.
  • If you aren’t ahead, you aren’t behind… yet. Digital maturity will be essential in future workplaces. Online portals, like we have at Focus HR, will be critical for streamlining and executing a company’s vision and employee experience.
  • Potential bias isn’t the only legal concern. The number of labor and employment issues that employers will be worrying about keeps growing, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence and employee data collections. Wearable devices will raise more and more health and safety compliance questions, so you’ll want to make sure you stay on top of it all.
  • Regulation is increasing. With technology advancements there are increased risks. You will need to consider your state’s position before incorporating new technologies.
  • Legal compliance is not enough. More technology means more challenges when it comes to employee morale and satisfaction. You’ll need to reassure your employees that change is good and that you’ll provide all necessary training to help them adjust.

All Focus HR, Inc. clients have support in these areas built-in to their services. There is no additional cost for our expert guidance because, let’s face it, your compliance is critical to our success. If you adapt well, we’ll grow together.

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