New Employment Laws and Regulations of 2014

One of the important roles that Focus HR plays as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is to stay up to date on the changing landscape of employment laws. The rules and regulations that relate to having employees change rapidly. In the beginning, there was only Case Law and Common Law regulating employees; by 1980, there were more than 35 laws and regulations.

Today? There are more than 90 laws on the books, with more coming down the pike every year.

Compliance one day can be non-compliance the next, which is why you need a PEO to help you stay abreast of the new employment laws of 2014.

For instance, California’s minimum wage is being raised by $2/hour between now and 2016; the first is a $1/hr increase taking effect July 1st, with another $1/hr increase going to effect in 2016. Arizona is one of nine other states with automatic increases tied to inflation that will take effect in 2014. Without the help of a PEO, these new employment laws of 2014 may be hard to stay on top of.

Its not just minimum wage. Laws regarding meal and rest periods, protections of exercising Labor Code rights, sexual harassment, time off for crime victims, and many more go into effect in various jurisdictions this year. Are you in one of these jurisdictions? If you don’t know, these new employment laws of 2014 can haunt you.

With the laws changing every year – and sometimes in the middle of the year – it can be easy to fall out of compliance. Partnering with a PEO can save you a lot of hassle and, in many cases, a lot of money keeping compliant with the law. To learn more, contact Focus HR today at (520) 721-6777.

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