Joining a PEO in 2019 is Good Business. Period.

If you haven’t heard of PEO (Professional Employer Organization) support for small business owners, you’ll want to brush up on it.   It’s highly likely that joining one will be the smartest thing you do in the New Year!

A recent report found that PEOs (like Focus HR, Inc.) are seeing employment growth that’s 14-times higher than the economy overall.  Businesses in a Professional Employer Organization enjoy higher levels of revenue growth, increasing profitability, and better employee satisfaction overall.

Whether it’s filing under the PEO’s tax ID to lower your state unemployment rate, leveraging the PEO’s buying power for superior employee benefits and retirement plans, or paying for workers’ compensation coverage “as you go” with no deposits and end-of-year audits, PEO partnerships are simply genius.

Of course, choosing the right PEO is critical so make sure you do your research.

To see what sets Focus HR, Inc. apart from all the rest, sign up for a free consultation now.

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