Celebrating 20 Years of Empowering Small Businesses: The Focus HR Journey

In 2003, Tracy Cole embarked on a remarkable journey fueled by a passion for supporting local businesses. Armed with over a decade of management experience in HR and the title of top salesperson for the largest PEO in the United States in 1999, Tracy decided there was a better way to manage small business HR. With a clear sense of vision and purpose driving her, Tracy launched Focus HR. And so began an idea that she could little imagine would have such a profound impact on the small business community in Southern Arizona.

The early days were nothing short of entrepreneurial grit and determination. Picture this: Tracy, a busy mom of two daughters, tirelessly working to launch a business from her dining room table. She not only hand-wrote workers’ compensation policies but also assisted construction site employees in filling out new-hire paperwork, all on the back of her pick-up truck. 

One of Tracy’s earliest hires, Payroll Specialist Karina Cordova, joined the team and remains an integral part of Focus HR, even after 20 years. Over the past two decades, Focus HR has evolved into a thriving business, with nearly 40 dedicated employees. The company has onboarded over 24,000 employees for clients spread across 47 states, showcasing its remarkable growth and reach.

What sets Focus HR apart is its unwavering commitment to supporting small businesses. Tracy and her team have consistently provided tailored HR outsourcing solutions that empower small businesses to thrive in a competitive landscape. The company’s dedication to delivering a local, professional team combined with a robust technology platform has given small businesses access to the kind of HR infrastructure that was once reserved for larger corporations.

In recent months, Focus HR’s team has engaged in deep introspection, reevaluating the brand’s purpose and values. This introspection has culminated in the launch of a new website that reflects the company’s renewed commitment to its valued clients.

Focus HR’s vision has always been crystal clear: to offer small businesses an HR solution that allows them to stand tall in the world of big corporations. The mission revolves around tailoring HR solutions specifically for small business owners. With a local team and a platform that simplifies HR tasks, Focus HR aims to empower small businesses to achieve more, granting them peace of mind and the freedom to focus on what truly matters.

The company’s core values serve as guiding pillars:

  • Serve: Focus HR genuinely cares about its clients’ challenges and is dedicated to providing unparalleled service.
  • Do the Right Thing: Integrity is at the core of the company, prioritizing honesty and accountability.
  • Reduce Chaos: The company strives to streamline HR processes, allowing clients to concentrate on their businesses.
  • Rapid Response: Focus HR is there when clients need them, ready to take immediate action.
  • Family: At Focus HR, it’s more than just business; it’s a family. Employees and clients are treated with the warmth and care they deserve.

The new tagline, “Big HR for small business,” perfectly encapsulates Focus HR’s purpose. The company is here to shoulder the HR, payroll, and benefits burden, enabling small businesses to operate efficiently. With an impressive track record since 2003 of retaining over 98% of its clients, Focus HR’s commitment to building trust by executing on its brand promise remains steadfast. The company prides itself on its rapid response, local expertise, and personalized service that distinguishes it from others in the market.

As Focus HR celebrates 20 years in business, the team looks forward to continuing to support clients and their businesses in the years to come. The journey has been remarkable, and the future holds even greater promise as Focus HR remains dedicated to empowering small businesses to thrive.

Join Us in Shaping the Next 20 Years

As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, we invite you to join us on this journey. If you’re seeking not just an HR service provider, but a true partner in your business growth, look no further. 

Contact Focus HR – the HR Specialists who bring two decades of expertise and a commitment to your success. Let’s shape your next 20 years together.

Cheers to Focus HR, where big HR is designed for small business!

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